possibleReach Your Business and IT Objectives

The need for business transformation may be caused by a need to increase profits or revenue, external changes in the market, changes to funding or income streams, new regulations, or increased market competition.  Companies may then choose to tackle one or more of the following strategies:

  • Increase revenue or market share
  • Streamline activities and systems
  • Improve productivity
  • Remove duplicated effort
  • Improve control
  • Build the right organisation structure
  • Improve customer satisfaction

You may have previously implemented improvement initiatives, only to find a couple of months later, your people have reverted back to their old ways and the benefits achieved were not compelling.


Change Impact

Change Impact – Managed vs Unmanaged

The specialist team at Logistix uses methodologies that can help businesses achieve tangible and sustainable results quickly by aligning processes, technology and people to corporate goals and strategies.  

Business Transformation – How Logistix Can Help?

Our staff specialise in business transformation and increasing tangible business benefits using proven low risk methodologies.  A typical business transformation project stages may include:

  • Understand the needs of the organisation as a whole, its strategic direction, the needs of stakeholders and the clients.
  • Develop As-Is, To-Be Models and define the gaps (processes, systems and people)
  • Identify new business transformation opportunities that will allow achievement of strategic goals and tangible outcomes
  • Requirements planning and management
  • Conduct feasibility studies
  • Define and validate the solution(s)
  • Develop business case(s) with cost-benefit analysis
  • Detailed plan of activities
  • Manage stakeholders
  • Designing the new organisational way of working and its support and management
  • Testing and implementing changes
  • Bedding in the change so that the organisation cannot move back


Logistix Makes It Easier with

  • Specialist people that have extensive experience
  • Proven methodologies developed with leading companies
  • Less disruption to your daily business activities


Call or email now to arrange a meeting and discover how Logistix can uncover compelling opportunities within your business.