Give Customers What They Need!

Customers are wanting goods and services that are tailored to their individual preferences, a consistent service and single point of contact.

Companies that “product push” rely on product features and price to sell resulting in low profits and high customer churn.   Solution selling is primarily about  listening to customers and providing solutions to address their needs and resolve their issues.  But processes and technologies also have a role, and it is the complex interplay of all these components that determines the productivity of sales channels and their impact on growth. We can help you:

  • Understand your customers’ needs
  • Provide Sales Training and mentoring
  • Evaluate new markets and test different product, pricing and distribution options
  • Implement systems to qualify prospects and determine opportunities
  • Develop a “Value Proposition”
  • Determine the costs to serve your customers and their product groups
  • Develop Scripts for internal and external reps
  • Improve your sales channels and sales management processes
  • Develop effective customer-segmentation, -service and -retention strategies