Warehouse Slotting

Astute managers are using best-in-class warehouse slotting analysis to minimise costs, improve efficiencies and customer service.   Logistix used advanced computer mathematical algorithms to analyse product volume, velocity, dimensions, weight, and costs such as labour, material handling to determine the lowest cost to pick and replenish.  Current Warehouse management solutions don’t go far enough and rely heavily on humans to determine the best pick and replenishment strategies.  Logistix analyses your data and takes the guesswork warehouse slotting and recommends storage strategies to improvement warehouse flows. Using historical information and current demand Logistix recommends pick/replenishment paths to minimise travel distance, whilst adhering to “stacking” and “traffic” flow rules.  The short term of benefits of warehouse slotting analysis are

  • Determine the true “cost to serve” by customer and product type
  • Group products that are most likely to be picked in a single order
  • Continuous improvement by making improvements on previous successes
  • Reduced Material Handling Equipment travel and associated costs
  • Addresses product seasonality

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