Your global supply chain continues to change and grow, making visibility and agility more difficult. The rate at which data is created and shared continues to accelerate, but it is making things even less transparent as keeping pace and knowing what data matters becomes more difficult.You need a way to improve clarity and gain a better understanding of critical information so that you can make the right business decisions and become more agile across all aspects of supply chain execution.

MOVE® is a multimodal transportation management platform designed to accelerate the speed, accuracy and transparency of global logistics processes – bringing unrivaled supply chain visibility to organizations of all sizes.

The unique end-to-end nature of the MOVE platform allows you to:

  • Gain a holistic view of your logistics processes and multimodal transportation with end-to-end visibility across your most critical supply chain execution processes
  • Conquer your supply chain big data by zooming in on the most critical information and key performance indicators and bringing it forward in dashboards and alerts for the people who need it most
  • Increase the speed and agility with which you can identify, proactively prevent or respond to potential issues
  • Leverage automated event management to handle exceptions and ensure you keep goods moving
  • Gain valuable insight to identify new opportunities for lowering costs, reducing risk, accelerating delivery times, improving customer service and growing revenues

Visibility and foresight gives you power. Contact Logistix today to learn how you can gain competitive advantage with end-to-end visibility across your supply chain.