Designed for fast implementation and on-demand access, MOVE® on the Cloud gives you the tools you need to manage your, or your customers’, growing supply chain ecosystem. As a medium to large sized business with an increasingly more complex supply chain execution problem to solve, you need enterprise-scale capabilities but without the IT overhead and large upfront expense.Turnkey templates and a hosted subscription model give you access to world-class supply chain execution, multimodal transportation and logistics management capabilities with minimal up-front investment and fast time-to-value. You get unlimited integration connections to support your entire logistics network and end-to-end visibility, collaboration and control. The result is an agile, scalable platform that adapts and grows with your business.

The MOVE on the Cloud solutions for – LSPs, Shippers & Manufacturers and Retailers & Distributors – offers the perfect combination of supply chain agility, visibility and control to be competitive.

for Logistics Service Providers

Leveraging key elements of the MOVE platform to provide cloud-based multimodal transportation and freight management that provides control over the order-to-cash process for domestic and regional freight shipments, helping to cut the cost and time it takes to handle each job. The solution also enables the delivery of value added services like Warehousing, Customs, Compliance, Visibility and Integration giving you end-to-end visibility, collaboration and control. MOVE on the Cloud for LSPs provides you with the capabilities to support your customer’s entire logistics network ensuring you become their long term preferred logistics partner and establishes a foundation for your long term growth and profitability in a very demanding world.

for Shippers and Manufacturers

Efficiently and effectively manage your outbound and inbound logistics by leveraging the leading supply chain execution platform that delivers a positive impact on the bottom line and happier customers. The solution combines all of the key supply chain functions required by Shippers, including Multimodal Transportation, Customs Compliance and Warehousing, with end-to-end shipment Visibility.  MOVE on the Cloud for Shippers and Manufacturers offers the capabilities to better plan and execute your shipments, throughout the entire movement and storage process, including across borders, while reducing costs and improving customer service.

for Retailers and Distributors

Today’s consumer has moved from ‘right product, right place, right time’ to ‘any product, any place, any time.’ This paradigm shift has created an opportunity for the astute retailer to engineer a supply chain that is tuned to be agile and execute on demand. MOVE for Retailers and Distributors combines all the supply chain execution elements required to ensure orders are fulfilled in the most efficient and effective manner from Order Fulfilment, through Transportation and Storage, to Customs and Compliance.  The platform also provides all the necessary Business-to-Business Integration, Collaboration and Visibility required to fulfil first time, on time, especially in a direct dispatch model.


MOVE on the Cloud enables you to:

  • Get up and running quickly and benefit from industry best-of-breed process templates
  • Pay-as-you-go with a monthly subscription model
  • Scale on-demand and add functionality as your requirements change
  • Stay hands-off on the IT side, with everything hosted, managed and maintained by Logistix
  • Integrate quickly with other business systems and third-party equipment (e.g. RFID/MHE)
  • Gain the supply chain agility, visibility and control you need to be successful

On site. On your mobile device. Worldwide. And now on the Cloud. For more details, contact Logistix today.