Pallet Tracking Software

Track your pallets and any other pooled equipment quickly and easily.

Find out how our customers save significant money due to improved management of pallet and shipping containers.  Pallet+ helps you prevent pallet loss, saves money and time.  It streamlines communications with all major equipment suppliers, reduces errors related to pallet data entry and management.


Pallet Tracking Software improves your bottom line

Save Money

  • Avoid lost pallets or Shipping containers
  • Low monthly charge
  • Training included
  • Add as many users at each site without additional license cost 

 Low Risk

  • Try if free
  • No long term contract
  • User configurable tolerances and alerts

Save Time

  • Reduce time reconciling pallets
  • Automated reconciliation
  • Exception reports to quickly identify issues
  • Interfaces with Warehouse and Transport systems for reduced data entry
  • Export data into Excel or other systems

Improve Control

  • Dashboards with relevant information
  • Remote data capture – e.g. Drivers
  • Role based security
  • Task management
  • Report financial implications
  • Audit capability

Powerful yet easy to use

  • Intuitive and fast screens
  • Fully integrated with major equipment suppliers

Cloud solution

  • No installation required
  • Product support included
  • No performance issues due to distributed computing
  • Developed using the latest technologies

Find out why companies are switching to Pallet+.  Call us to find out you can start benefiting quickly.

More reasons why Australian leading companies are choosing Pallet+

Software Features

  • Integrated with major pallet companies
  • Map based assignments for drivers
  • Automated notifications to trading partners.• Dashboard – configurable for each role and time period
  • Automated invoice reconciliation
  • Cost analysis by site, time, etc
  • Exception reporting
  • Unlimited users per site
  • Manage all major pallet types
  • User configurable logic with alert capability
  • Integration upgrade path from other Pallet applications
  • One button excel export capability
  • Product updates occur in real-time with interruption to business
  • Ability to track individual pallets or shipping containers
  • Role based security
  • Full audit capability – see who changed data
  • Pallet stock-take
  • Interfaces to Warehouse and Transport systems
  • Printing of dockets
  • Management approvals for corrections/rejections
  • Set maximum quantity for each customer/movement type to avoid incorrect data entry
  • User configurable reason codes
  • Detailed reporting is user configurable with needing development of new reports
  • User configurable forms
  • Have multiple names (aliases) for trading partners or pallet types
  • Bar-codes to streamline scanning of dockets
  • Handles IOUs, Exchanges, No recharge etc
  • Automated emails to trading partners to request missing information and handle rejections and corrections
  • Information stored in a single virtual repository back-up in real-time

Business Features

  • No need to buy, build and maintain your own IT infrastructure. The software solution is based on cloud computing connected via world-class backbone and delivered through the Internet.  Performance is guaranteed.
  • Pallet+ customers benefit from the ease and accessibility of a powerful Web application, without the need to invest in additional IT staff or infrastructure. Eliminates the need for an up-front capital investment.
  • Reduce implementation time:The hosting model means your system can be deployed and up and running in minutes.
  • Lower your cost of ownership: Training, support and maintenance is already included in the subscription fees for low cost of ownership and predictable costs.
  • Enjoy unsurpassed security and privacy: Pallet+ runs on a proven infrastructure with an extremely high level of security and reliability.


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