Keeping pace with domestic and international trade and customs compliance requirements and ensuring goods keep moving on schedule is a significant administrative and cost burden for your business. Fast-changing country-specific customs regulations and a myriad of export documentation rules and formats are a challenge. The risk and complexity grows with every new market you enter.  MOVE® is a multimodal transportation management platform designed to accelerate the speed, accuracy and transparency of global logistics processes – including customs and trade compliance – for organizations of all sizes. 
The MOVE platform can help you:

  • Gain end-to-end visibility across your global trade network to ensure a smooth flow of goods and adherence to compliance regulations
  • Reduce entry time, errors and penalties through automated workflow and customs validations
  • Manage connectivity to all global customs agencies
  • Stay up to date with customs and trade compliance regulations around the world
  • Increase revenue potential by opening up your business to new markets

Global trade management requires active compliance to complex, changing regulations that vary by country. Don’t risk your business success and reputation – contact Logistix today.