In today’s competitive market, you need to do far more than simply manage the level of inventory in warehouses. You need to know with complete accuracy at all times exactly what is available, where it is located and how to best meet distribution requirements. You must be agile in accommodating new inventory and distribution process flows to meet rapidly changing market and customer demands.You need a warehouse management system that can support all types of warehousing and gives you comprehensive functionality across dock and yard management, cross docking, pick and pack, cycle counting and automatic replenishment. You need a platform that can stand up to global challenges.MOVE® platform is designed to accelerate the speed, accuracy and transparency of logistics processes – including transportation and warehouse management – for organizations of all sizes.The MOVE platform can help you:

  • Leverage industry best practices and let the system direct activity in your warehouses
  • Gain end-to-end visibility across all inventory and actively monitor distribution flows
  • Streamline warehousing and distribution processes with a single platform to manage connectivity to all global carriers and customs agencies
  • Invoice more quickly and accurately to improve cash flow and profitability
  • Integrate seamlessly with RF operations to improve order fulfilment levels and reduce order cycle times
  • Connect and collaborate easily with your transportation partners for better visibility and enhanced business agility
  • Lower costs and manage more effectively logistics network volatility while improving customer service
  • Accommodate multiple languages, currencies and multi-country customs connectivity

You can improve the efficiency of your warehouse management and inventory management processes and enhance global visibility and agility – contact Logistix today.